Buyer Personas for Dummies

Carole Mahoney of Mahoney Internet Marketing and the Smarketing Blog burst onto my consciousness at the HubSpot conference in Boston. I was fascinated to hear how creatively she uses personas to find the most effective online marketing strategies for her business customers, and she kindly agreed to do a guest post on the topic.

How a Start Up, Solopreneur, or Small Business can create and use buyer persona modes.

Behavioral scientists have been studying how people operate and what motivates them to do so for many years. In all the research and various concepts derived from it, there is one thing they all have in common: there are four basic modalities of behavior that can be distinguished from one other. They are:

Star Wars Buyer Personas

Competitive, spontaneous, humanistic, methodical

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Gary Vaynerchuk & Friends: SEO Gems in Boston

You and I put our socks on one at a time, which I imagine Gary Vaynerchuk doesn’t. He probably just hurls a cussword at his sock drawer, like Zeus tossing a thunderbolt, and a pair leaps out and scampers onto his feet.

Gary VaynerchukDuring his recent talk at Inbound 2012 in Boston, Vaynerchuk used language that could debark a pine tree. Here are some of his pithier statements (after treatment with a mild cleanser): Continue reading

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5 Social Media Time Management Tips

Snowflake on a SkilletIf it’s part of your job description to write a blog, tweet on Twitter, or post to Facebook to engage with customers, you already know that hours can disappear faster than a snowflake on a skillet.

Case in point: yesterday afternoon after wrapping up a job I decided I finally needed to get familiar with Pinterest, after which I was going to start this blog post. I am proud to have five boards and 56 pins to my name now, and today I have repins from three people already. Suddenly Pinterest is not just a vaguely feminine mystery, but something I understand on a personal level. (And no, it’s not just for women any more.)
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Don’t Insult My Grammar (Or She’ll Hit You With Her Buick)

Don't mess with my grandma.You may have read about a survey by Staples of England in which two-thirds of respondents said that they regard simple spelling or grammar errors as ‘shoddy’ and would ‘have no faith’ in the sender.

That led me to go back and reread a favorite post by Brian Clark entitled Five Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Dumb.

I’m a sucker for this stuff– and I recognize that there are two kinds of people, those who love it and those who don’t. Continue reading

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Conspiracy Keanu Says: Adapt to Change



Something just happened that brought me back to my college days— my Comcast Internet service stopped working. A phone call to their recorded message confirmed that it’s nothing personal; “Your area is having technical difficulties,” the voice said.

Until now, I had not realized how reliant on an Internet connection I had become just to write an editorial column an essay a blog post. Every idea that pops into my head needs to be researched. Examples must be hyperlinked. Images must be found. Questions demand answers. Continue reading

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How to Keep Blogging

Truck in weedsConfession: I have done the worst thing a blogger can do. I stopped blogging. For several weeks.

This is especially bad because my blog is still relatively new. It’s a cardinal sin, really, like dead air on the radio, or not showing up on time to unlock the doors at the train station in the morning (if you’re from Lancaster, PA you’ll get that one).

OK, so how did this happen? A death in the family three days after my last blog post hit me pretty hard, and I lost my desire to communicate. Pretty simple really, but my reaction did take me by surprise.

Now I’m taking stock and asking what lesson there is to be learned. Continue reading

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Switch your Business Web Site to WordPress in 2012


Is your business or organization being inadequately represented by a Web site that was built years ago? Does it have:

  • Static pages that never change because it’s too difficult
  • Narrow pages that look a bit odd on a modern wide screen
  • Nagging errors you’ve never correct because there’s…
  • No content management system (CMS) in that back end that would let you edit the site yourself
  • Almost no traffic (so who cares if you’re not seeing page views?)

Or are you living a more modern version of the outgrown-technology story? Continue reading

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