Muddling Through, Part I: Tweet More Often

Tweeting in April

Starting tomorrow, tweet it up!

Is your company or organization making all the right marketing moves online? Are you doing enough? That’s easy: probably not. I know I’m not, and I’m in the business and trying to set an example.

My dad used to say this: “Sometimes you just have to muddle through.” I used to think that was kind of dumb, but as I got older Dad magically got smarter, and now I think he wasn’t saying don’t do your best; I think he meant that often you find yourself in the midst of too much complexity, too many gray areas, an abundance of choices, and you just have to humbly move forward and do the best you can.

Take, for example, the online environment in 2012. While building a Web site for a client recently I went on a hunt for online information from manufacturers in the client’s industry. I wanted an RSS feed or a Twitter feed to supply fresh content on a news page. Half a dozen manufacturers later, I had found no RSS feeds and exactly three Twitter accounts. The Twitter accounts all had one thing in common: disuse.

It was clear that someone established them because, well, you have to have a Twitter account just like you had to have a Web site ten or fifteen years ago. The most recent post on the the most frequently used of the three was two weeks old. Prior to that, there are gaps of many months between tweets.

That’s disappointing. Do you think somebody could tweet once a week? Do you think there is enough going on at your company to come up with one interesting sentence per 40+ work hours? Then make a schedule and do it.

Tweeting once a week consistently looks much better to the world (and believe me, the world–including Google–is watching you) than a beginning frenzy of tweets, trailing off to weekly, then biweekly, then semi-annually.

As soon as I finish this I’m going to follow my own advice, go to my free account at, and load up a week’s worth of tweets. You should too. It might not be obvious that you should do this. But it’s all part of muddling through.

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One Response to Muddling Through, Part I: Tweet More Often

  1. Ken says:

    Regarding the reference to above: I just woke up to the fact that TweetDeck has tweet scheduling. I know there are many tweet-scheduling applications out there, but this certainly simplifies things for a habitual Tweetdeck user.

    In addition to TweetDeck I use a SocialOomph account, which I mainly use to auto-reply to new followers. But it has grown hugely and had stats and a load of other features I need to check out.

    Of course HootSuite has provided scheduling for years, with stats. Tried it a few times, somehow kept coming back to TweetDeck. But that’s just me.

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