A brief history of my blogs, and why this one’s different

I’ve been blogging for several years now (more than that, if you include my paleolithic cave scrawlings in 2002, to which I include a link here for young students of the Internet.

Blogging software was clunky then, and I didn’t know why I was even putting forth the effort, so I stopped after a few posts.

By May 2009, WordPress was readily available, making it easy to start Ken Stadden’s Macroblog, to which I still contribute posts occasionally. In October of that year, I started a short-form personal blog called 3tweets.com. The idea was that posts would be nice and short, exactly three tweets long (3 x 140 = 420 characters). I still contribute to that too.

But all those blogs were me-centered, because it’s easiest to write about whatever in your life is interesting. By contrast, my new online marketing blog is here to provide insights that will help you think differently about online marketing, SEO (the very foundations of which are changing since the Google Panda update last year), website traffic, and creating content that doesn’t suck.

Its purpose is to make my business more visible, but it’s not about me. What I’ll try to do here is scrawl words and images based on the following three statements:

  1. Creativity will get you to a new place.
  2. Doing the same stuff you always did won’t.
  3. Let’s see where we can go together.


For an overview of all my posts on this blog from the first first on March 19,2012, click, uh, the links.

For more about what I do, please follow these links to my business site:

Ken and house

Summer 2011, Wolf's Hollow County Park

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