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Frequently-Asked Questions

Is this "content marketing" or "direct marketing?"
No, Direct Injection Marketing is a distinct, focused concept that means directly inserting targeted, custom-written content into an organization's marketing plan.

"Content Marketing" is an umbrella term covering creation and distribution of valuable content to engage a consumer base. What we do falls under the content marketing umbrella. If you're interested in learning more about content marketing, see or check Wikipedia.

"Direct Marketing" has been around for a long time and refers to marketing directly to consumers via mail, telephone, television and other communication channels. That's not us.

OK then, are we talking about "inbound marketing"?
"Inbound marketing" is yet another umbrella term that covers the use of social media and more to help your audiences find you.  HubSpot owns that term and has created a powerful software/service platform that, for a monthly fee, provides comprehensive structure and coaching for creating online content and tracking results.

Few business owners are prepared to take advantage of all that HubSpot offers, so we are provide guidance, monitoring and direct-injection content to HubSpot subscribers. To read more on inbound marketing, see

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