Words that drive your bottom line


Our name is taken from Direct injection, a technology that enables engines to operate with more power and efficiency.

Now there's Direct-Injection Marketing, which is more powerful and cost-effective than ordinary marketing. We inject customized, professionally-written, original content into your marketing plan to give it more punch -- then follow up with analytics so we know what's working and what isn't.

We read analytics, analyze, adjust, and create again to build momentum for your brand — just as an engine computer reads sensors and makes adjustments for optimum combustion.

The content we inject must be real and original, written in the authentic voice of your organization. Only in this way can your business build and maintain a viable public face in the new media.

Working with you or your agency, we determine when, where and how to post content, and relentlessly track every metric until we know what works for your business or organization's goals.

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