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Direct Injection Marketing produces and edits original, high-quality content—websites. blog posts, white papers, news releases, ebooks, Facebook and LinkedIn company pages and personal profiles.

Clients range from individuals to corporations to colleges to marketing agencies to website developers.

Use your marketing budget more efficiently
The name Direct Injection Marketing was inspired by automotive technology. Just as direct injection is a vastly more efficient way to get gasoline into the cylinders, direct injection of our professionally written copy into your container of choice— website, social media, brochure, email, or newsletter— is a more efficient way for you to get a bigger bang from your marketing budget. Do you really need a prettier website? Or just one that sounds more intelligent?

Raison d'ętre
In the early days of the World Wide Web, it was easy to trick search engines into giving top results for content that was— from the human perspective— hard to read, even nonsensical.

Fortunately, a maturing Google forced website owners to write as if speaking to actual humans if they wanted to be found.

Today, well-written, well-researched content has proven far more effective than keyword stuffing and other "SEO" manipulations.

Why us?
Direct Injection Marketing is headed by a former magazine editor with many years of experience in automotive, industrial and construction topics, retail gift sales, college recruitment, exercise equipment, home air conditioning, and vehicle electronics, to name a few areas.

Contact us for a free estimate if you need professional editing and expansion of existing content or completely new content.

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